Our resident public relations officer is 'Mechanic' I would say she is part Russian Blue + ??. Her owner passed away on an overseas trip in approx. 2000 so we kept her on to fullfil the important rolls of sleep, sleeking and eating (plus the odd mouse).            

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Our cattery has 18 large secure cat bays in a purpose built building which enjoys a quiet, airy, secure environment minimising any stress to even the most unseasoned boarder.

The cattery boasts great surroundings with bushy perspectives and active birdlife.  

The cattery has a high ceiling with vents which cause constant convection drawing fresh air in through the open windows protected by awnings.

Diet - We use and recomend ROYAL CANIN Premium dry food which is excellent for your pets health and well-being.


Moving To The Area ?

If you are considering moving to this area use this link "Moreton Bay Regional Council" for regulations relating to Pet ownership.